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IObit Uninstaller Saves Windows 10 Users

The rollout of Windows 10 was interesting, to say the least. While a lot of Microsoft devotees eagerly anticipated the new operating system before its launch, the reality of it left a lot of tech users reaching for their torches and pitchforks. They felt arm-twisted into accepting automatic updates and upgrades, while mourning the loss of some of even the most basic features, like good old-fashioned Solitaire.


One company has launched a life preserver, of sorts, especially intended for those who’ve enjoyed some of the upgrade experience but don’t want to be bogged down with the extra programs that came pre-loaded within Win10. IObit Uninstaller 6 helps rid your Windows machine of those additional features that slow things down or chew up space.

“After upgrading to Windows 10, there are many built-in apps installed, by default, on the computer,” said Antonio Zhang, Marketing Director at IObit, in a press release. “However, most Windows 10 users have no idea about how to deal with those unwanted and useless apps. Outdated and problematic Windows update is a thorny problem as well. But we provide an easy method to help them. We are focusing on developing light and easy-to-use tools for Windows 10 users to optimize and protect their computers.”

But here’s the problem: uninstalling built-in programs can leave your system operating at less-than-ideal functionality if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why IObit gives you a complete list of programs to remove before you check them off, meaning you’re less likely to delete something critical and end up ruining your operating system.

What else is new in version 6? Plenty. Besides the ability to target Microsoft Edge plug-ins and extensions for removal, this version contains a larger database of known malicious and ad-based plug-ins so you can wipe those out, too. How many known programs? How about more than 4,000 of the most stubbornly rooted programs and plug-ins?
And it’s not just the known features that you can remove, as IObit also supports getting rid of pesky problems in future updates. The uninstaller keeps a close watch for program features that you might not want, then alerts you to their presence so you can take action. For more information or to download IObit Uninstaller 6, check it out by clicking here.

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Back To School Cybersecurity Tips

It may seem hard to believe, but summer’s almost over and the new school year is already here. While students prepare for the upcoming term by stocking up on supplies and scrambling to finish their summer reading assignments, there’s someone else who’s excited by the new school year: scammers and identity thieves.


No matter what grade you’re in–from preschool to Ph.D. candidate, the education sphere has a pretty bad track record of securing your data. Data breaches from university levels down to local elementary schools have exposed countless victims’ records. While hackers target universities with sophisticated viral attacks, one public school in Florida was hit by an organized data theft by none other than their own cafeteria ladies, who managed to nab the personal identifiable information for several hundreds of the school’s students.

It might seem counterintuitive to try to commit fraud against school children or university students; after all, most of them have nothing to call their own, except possibly a lot of student loan debt. But the problem at hand is that students’ identities are very valuable. Minors’ identities are a “clean slate” as far as spending and debt are concerned, and most students don’t check their credit reports regularly because they’re simply not using them for multiple credit cards, car loans, home loans, or other large-scale expenses.

There are some ways that students can fight back against scams and secure their data, especially their digital data. Numerous studies have shown that far too many people don’t use antivirus or other malicious software prevention tools in their tech. At the same time, too many people (of any age) aren’t securing their hardware with pass-codes and passwords. Of course, not too many young people spend their evenings reading up on the latest internet scams or viruses, which is why they’re easily hit by these tactics when tech scams crop up.

By staying informed, safeguarding your data, and putting protections like antivirus and credit report alerts in place, you can do a lot to prevent the theft of your funds or identity.

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Ashley Madison Security Investigation: “Unacceptable shortcomings” Report Finds

Privacy watchdog investigating the now infamous Ashley Madison data hack of July 2015 reports that the website used inadequate security systems and conned users into thinking it was more secure than it actually was.


The report released this week stated that Avid Life Media, the Canadian based owners of the Ashley Madison website had violated privacy laws due to the lax way it stored and used the data that users voluntarily gave the company when they signed up.

The joint investigation by both the Australian Privacy Commissioner and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is scathing of the way the Ashley Madison website administered its privacy and security practices.

The report noted in particular that a large part of the Ashley Madison IT team’s efforts to monitor its own security were “focused on detecting system performance issues and unusual employee requests for decryption of sensitive user data.”

The highly critical report also found that website owner Avid Life Media did not have “appropriate safeguards, including documented information security policies or practices, an explicit risk management process, and training for staff about their privacy and security obligations.”

Daniel Therrien, Canada’s privacy commissioner, said in a statement:

“Privacy breaches are a core risk for any organisation with a business model based on the collection and use of personal information… Privacy breaches are a core risk for any organisation with a business model based on the collection and use of personal information…Handling huge amounts of this kind of personal information without a comprehensive information security plan is unacceptable.”

The report also found that poor habits such as inadequate authentication processes and sub-par key and password management practices were commonplace at Ashley Madison.

However, perhaps the most controversial finding of the report was the fact that the affair specialist website had actually retained the personal information of users who had paid an extra fee to Avid Life Media to delete all their personal information.

Avid Life Media has said it will abide by the report’s findings to improve the way it handles data.



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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wireshark 2.2.0 (32-bit) RC1 Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer, and is the de facto standard across many industries and educational institutions. Deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, with more being added all the time Live capture and offline analysis Standard three-pane packet browser Multi-platform: Runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, ...

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Total HTML Converter 5.1.107 Total HTML Converter is a useful little app that can batch convert HTML files to DOC, PDF, HTML, XHTML, TXT, XLS, RTF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, ODT, EMF, or SVG file formats. The app is not limited to HTML only as the input file though, it also supports MHT, HTM, and XHTML. All this can done through a standard explorer style user interface or via the com...

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